The FilieraSicura project aims at investigating how to make more trusted and secure the supply chain (SC) of a domestic critical infrastructure. It will tackle the problem of securing the SC by developing a novel, dedicated methodology. This result will be achieved by targeting the core aspects of the SC in depth. Schematically, those aspects can be associated to the following questions.

  • How can we include security in the designing, implementation, and maintenance of a SC?

  • How can we support the human operators in taking security decisions and, in general, improve the security awareness?

  • How can we prevent local vulnerabilities to spread and compromise the whole system?

  • Are there security solutions that apply and scale on modern hardware and software paradigms?

Answering these questions will result in the definition of specific methodologies for defining, assessing, and preserving the security of the SC.

In particular, the project addresses twentythree scientific objectives in the area of hardware, firmware and software security.

  • Twelve scientific objectives look at enabling technologies and, more specifically, how to secure IT products throughout their lifecycle, how to get a near real-time situational awareness and understanding inside a supply chain and how to limit software vulnerabilities.
  • Eight objectives analyze two vertical solutions for specific advanced environments like Fog-enabled safety critical infrastructures and Industrial Control Systems.
  • Solutions designed for those objective will be tested in the Smart Polygeneration Microgrid (SPM), a smart grid experimental deployment located inside the Savona University Campus.

Thanks to the corpus of knowledge developed by the study the objectives, FilieraSicura will develop a risk-based methodology for enhancing the level of trust in a generic supply chain of a domestic critical infrastructure.


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